Picture This! Scrap That!

After Picture This! Scrap That! has been open for 17 years, Deb Kelly, owner of Picture This! for 13 years, has officially retired and closed its doors since July 31st 2019.

Granada Getaway and Orsmby Getaway are still open and waiting for you to book a weekend TODAY!


If you would like to book a weekend at Granada Getaway or Orsmby Getaway, contact us today to set it up. Our contact information has been updated and our email is still the same if you had any questions.


Our  Retreats

Granada Getaway

Orsmby Getaway

In 2008, the Congregational Church in Granada was unable to hold enough members. The church was sold to Deb & Kevin Kelly. They gutted and renovated the church and turned it into a Scrapbooking & Quilting Retreat. It became a success! Deb & Kevin were getting so booked that they got another church to renovate. In 2016, Orsmby Getaway was ready for business. Learn more about each of the retreats.

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P.O. Box 304

Fairmont, MN 56031

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